independent works

the current webpage

made with svelte-kit

statistics for knowit experiences' weekly wine-lottery.

built on node.js, vue.js and mongodb, custom service-worker for data-storage, always-online, caching and notifications to all users, will full virtual + online lottery each week.

made with love for wines.

in the makings since 2020


system to integrate electricity-supplication through vipps payments with a distributed backend.

vipps-integration for payments, built on node.js, postgresql, and vue.js.

MVP made in 2020

a collaborative music-listening service, built on node.js, mongodb and, with integrations to soundcloud and youtube

made 2014-2019


a react-native app for zoff

originally made for cross-device, with support for android and ios, but my apple developer-license has run out

made 2018

pandoras box

drinking/confession-game where players join with their phones.

players take turn answering embarrassing questions, asked by other players, fully anonymously!

made 2014


drinking-game where players are picked at random, with a random interval.

has totally unnecessary drawing-functions on mobile just for fun.

made 2014

website for the architecture firm stein halvorsen arkitekter as

made 2013-2014

more works, projects and employments, see my cv.

me looking stupid